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The NA-Soft Information Technology Ltd. offers and delivers personally adapted IT solutions for its partners. We manage each step of our IT projects including: task definition, setting of requirements, conception and selection of hardware components, realization of the software modules, system integration and the final implementation. The main objectives of our mission are to make sure that the IT systems are operating efficiently and to elaborate the right environment and frame for them.

Our philosophy is that there is no small or large project. Our company is interested and motivated in working on all challenging projects and in making them successful. Our greatest satisfaction is to receive positive feedback from satisfied customers noting that the program which we supplied is operating according to their needs.

In order to achieve a satisfying and completed mission, NA-Soft Ltd. relies on its dynamic, effective team and close partners. The company, using its engineering and IT talent and knowledge, provides services in the following fields:

IT tasks surveying
Software system conception, System building consultancy
System planning (hardware, software, database)
Selection of hardware components; personalised hardware solutions for unique environment and application areas
Database and software planning
Development, selection and integration of software components and modules
Full system integration, installation and training
Implementation and execution of the operational system

Our company focuses mainly on these three fundamentals fields: System planning - Software development - System integration

In these fields, we build up customized IT solutions for our partners. Based on customers' needs, we select and conceive those hardware components which are the most efficiently adapted to the software to be created.

Our company, beside the conception of any hardware and software, also provides the adequate answers and solutions for any problems that might occur.

We can work efficiently as part of a bigger, more complex project. Within any big project, our specific tasks will be handled professionally and will run perfectly which we guarantee. We are proud to consider ourselves a great team player who can easily adapt to any new environment.