NA Soft LTD has participated as a partner in creating and developing software in the following businesses:

Ingaltan Árverés- és Kereskedőház Kft.

Website for auction of real estate. (

Consultancy and support web site providing on behalf of Ministry of Transport, Telecommunication and Energy.


Industrial application software based on psion Workabout Pro G2 for smart gas meter computer configuration on behalf of Fiorentini Hungary Ltd.


Address point and datasheet managing system with on-line data storage, psion MCC remote management and handheld and back office modules on behalf of Feibra Ltd.

Budapest Gyógyfürdői és Hévizei Zrt.

Web based on-line ticket system ( and discount customer card system.

MÁV-Start Zrt. The creation and management of the support software of the Mobile ticketing system for the Hungarian Railway National Company.

(1750 Psion end units, 60 station accounting units, PC system, full receipt administration and summary with statistics and analyses charts)

The computer programming of the Busys ticketing technology

(Busys, Busys+, Busys Pro) for the following transport companies: a Balaton Volán Zrt., Borsod Volán Zrt., Mátra Volán Zrt., Nógrád Volán Zrt., Pannon Volán Zrt., Zala Volán Zrt., Körös Volán Zrt.

Handling the billing program for the Ujpalotai Market.

The program for this database, which is based on the PSION WA system, was managed and maintained by NA Soft.

The creation of an intelligence office at the address Bp. XIII. Csángó u. 4/b.

The management during the construction of this office building was our responsibility; specifically the implementation of videos surveillance cameras, using the X10 system, and placing the cables network.
Our company provides hotel informatics system planning, supervising of system building, and integration for "Castle Garden Hotel" ( and "Bonfini Kert" ( restaurant.